Now Taking Medicaid Rides – Feel free to call us at 970-949-1111

ride taxi

at your service

Feeling famished after a day on the slopes, but can’t bear to leave the warmth of your cozy condo
(because: fireplace!)? Ride Taxi is happy to pick up your take-out food and bring it right to your door.

Or perhaps found that although you made your flight connection, your bags did not (cue the collective “UGH!”)? Not to fret! We’ll gladly collect your luggage and deliver it to your location at any hour, day or night.

Looking to win Valentine’s Day and send your significant other flowers at work (hint hint)? We’ll be your delivery driver, and make his or her day!

Any other pick-up / delivery request in mind? Just ask. We’re on it.


Have specific questions about our delivery and courier services?

Drop us a line here, or check out the FAQ section here!